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Bridget Foley’s Diary: Talking With Bruno Pavlovsky

Ordinarily, a major itinerant show would be the anchor event of Bruno Pavlovsky’s work week. This past week was a little different. On Monday afternoon, in a suite at the Mercer Hotel, the president of Chanel Fashion and president of Chanel SAS discussed more ominous activity: the antigovernment demonstrations in France which on Saturday involved significant vandalism at the new Chanel store at 19 Rue Cambon in Paris.
“I was there, everything was OK until four o’clock,” Pavlovsky said in describing his experience of the day’s events. “At four o’clock, in five minutes, everything went wrong. It was pure violence, a few minutes, and after, it’s gone. It was [only] many material things; there were no injuries, people were safe. The boutique was closed because [an hour before], the police asked us to close. So we were following the instruction of the police.”
Pavlovsky arrived in New York only after spending Sunday morning at the store, where he went to talk with staff and assess the situation. “At the end of the day, we were able to open at eleven o’clock in the morning as usual with a lot of customers. We saw a lot of customers coming into the boutique just to

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