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Art Basel Miami Beach 2018: Christian Louboutin Celebrates Ebony G. Patterson at PAMM

When Christian Louboutin signed on as a sponsor of artist Ebony G. Patterson’s exhibition at PAMM, which was celebrated Tuesday night with a buoyant party upstairs on the museum’s third floor, he didn’t realize that one of the show’s standout pieces would revolve around an especially appropriate item: shoes.
“It’s affectionately called ‘The Shoe Cloud,’” Patterson explained, noting that the actual title is “…stars…” The artwork includes hundreds of glitter-covered pairs of women’s shoes suspended from a ceiling-high beam, a reference to the makeshift memorials of sneakers that frequently dangle from urban light posts and wires. “It’s marking the sky like a star. It’s said that people actually do that with the impetus that the soul is closer to heaven and it will make its way there a lot easier.”
“It’s funny, because when I looked at that piece, something came to mind which has to do with my work,” Louboutin said. “When I started designing shoes, I never thought of fashion. My first thought was dancers, and the ultimate heel is the ballerina’s toe shoe. What is the point shoe? It makes you closer to the heaven, to the sky, in a way.”
The shoes Patterson used in the piece came from

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