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Virgil Abloh Discusses His Artistic Vision in Milan

MILAN — “Question Everything” is definitely one of the pillars of Virgil Abloh’s artistic approach, which is based on the exploration of contemporary culture and a definition of new platforms for the expression of different communities. And that was the title of an installation of white flags printed with the motto that Abloh unveiled Friday night at Milan’s Spazio Maiocchi, a cultural space established by Carhartt WIP and Slam Jam.
“I’m honored and I feel equally weird to be here talking in one of the most important creative capitals in the world. The creative community here in Milan is so special,” said Abloh, who gave a talk during the event organized in collaboration with art magazine Kaleidoscope. The title collaborated with Abloh on a limited-edition special issue that comes with an exclusive T-shirt.
Along with the flag exhibition, Abloh showcased a billboard he created based on an advertising campaign by cigarette company Newport.
“The painting that’s behind us outside comes from a specific bodywork of mine centered on advertising,” said the founder of Off-White and men’s creative director of Louis Vuttion, who was inspired by the billboards that advertise specific products based on demographics in the most segregated areas of Chicago, his hometown. “I believe

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