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The Queens Wore Denim: Costume Designer Alexandra Byrne Talks ‘Mary Queen of Scots’

When the script for “Mary Queen of Scots” came her way, British costume designer Alexandra Byrne had an instinctive response to the story. She had dressed Cate Blanchett twice as Queen Elizabeth for the films “Elizabeth” and “Elizabeth: The Golden Age,” in addition to various other period pieces. Byrne, who has been nominated four times for the Academy Award for best costume design — winning in 2008 for “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” — had the opportunity to continue her sartorial exploration of the Elizabethan period — and with two queens at once.
The film, which stars Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie, takes an unorthodox approach to the period’s style.
“Number one, it’s not a documentary, because historically the two queens never met. So one is liberated from being completely tied into the period,” says Byrne. “And number two, it’s about these two extraordinary women holding on to their thrones in a world of very predatory men.”
Untethered from the need for historical accuracy, Byrne was able to tap into her deep practical knowledge of dressing the period and guide her choices based on instinctive response to the script. As she puts it, her practical and aesthetic decision processes were able to work simultaneously.

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