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'Disordered Eating' And Why Not Getting A Name For My Eating Problems Made Them So Much Worse

By Ellie Pool

Whether you’re one of the lucky few who have lived a life without being touched by mental health or you’ve been unfortunate enough to suffer with a mental illness yourself, we’re all familiar with the most common eating disorders.

Anxiety, bulimia, even orthorexia, the majority of us are familiar with these eating disorders and most of us can even name some of the most common, perhaps stereo-typical symptoms but how many of you knew that ‘disordered eating’ is a ‘thing’?

I didn’t until I was told by my GP after being quizzed about my symptoms that in fact, I was suffering with ‘disordered eating’. If you’re not familiar with this kind of eating disorder, this is essentially the name for a condition that is made up of multiple different eating disorder tendencies.

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