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Uncork the Champagne: Cuvée Beauty Has a New Look

Rachel Katzman wants to start the new year proving the merits of her Champagne-infused hair-care line, Cuvée Beauty.
While Katzman discovered the benefits of bubbly on tresses after she was doused with Champagne on her 21st birthday, the now-26-year-old invested in clinical studies to validate her instincts. In particular, Katzman wanted to prove that her Cuvée Complex — a cocktail of Champagne extracts, white truffle, pea protein, resveratrol and platinum — is more than just a novel idea.
“I knew what it [the formula did for me],” said Katzman, pointing out her healthy head of hair that has replaced her extensions. “We also had reviews and good results from my friends and family. But I wanted to prove it.”
Consumer testing of one of the brand’s new items, Cuvée Blowout Bombe, revealed that 96 percent of users said hair looked healthy immediately. After eight hours, 94 percent indicated they thought their hair had more body and volume. And, after three uses, 94 percent said their hair was easier to blow out after using the products. The Blowout Bombe is a frizz-fighting styling crème that hydrates hair while providing a protective barrier to resist heat damage, humidity and color fade. It also speeds up

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