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Researchers in Germany See Behavior-Based Authentication Prime for Luxury Brands

HANDS-FREE SECURITY: So long card keys. Who needs passwords?
Researchers at Germany’s Hasso Platner Institute are finessing a technology that creates user profiles, based on how a person walks or takes their smartphone from a pocket. In the event a phone is stolen, sensors detect the tacit changes in behavior and lower the trust level so the device cannot be used by others to access the owner’s accounts. The more sensors that are used to gather behavioral information, the more reliable the trust values will be.
The technology is being used by the military in uniforms to secure phones and laptops without the use of passports, which are vulnerable to hacking and theft. The institute’s director and the technology’s developer, Christoph Meinel, said, “People in the Army need to have their hands free and need to be recognized automatically.”
He explained, “Behavior identification is better for security purposes than passwords or biometric data. For example, by having sensors in a smartphone, when people move you can analyze this movement data. From that, you can make decisions whether that’s the right person or the wrong person. You can also put sensors in a dress to have the option of identifying you. Doors would automatically open,

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