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Influence Peddler: Pietro Boselli’s Theory of Everything

LONDON — It’s the rare conversation that starts with Emporio Armani and ends with Newton and Descartes, but that’s the sum of Pietro Boselli, a former runway model with a Ph.D. in engineering, a philosopher’s mind and great ambitions to build his own brand.
Then there are Boselli’s 2.6 million Instagram followers, a number that slightly surprises the Italian native as he never set out to become a social media star, and he doesn’t plan to use the platform to flog just any old product. He’s thinking much bigger than selling blogger-ish merchandise.
Earlier this year he launched Petra, a made in Italy activewear brand that sprang from his longtime passion for sports and gym workouts — he had to abandon modeling because at one point he was six times bigger than sample size — and his love of luxury fashion, technology and eco-friendly materials.
He plans in early December to launch his first collection of men’s and women’s jackets, a limited-edition line of 80 pieces that are made in Italy of cutting-edge materials but with a retro feel with the aim of fusing fashion and performance. He’s going straight to consumer via Instagram, and is also working on a new Petra collection for

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