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How Real Estate Firms Are Helping Retailers Find Warehouses Closer to Customers

Industrial property traditionally has been one of the less attractive commercial real estate sectors, but that is rapidly changing. International trade expansion and hefty e-commerce growth has led to increased demand for industrial space, as companies try to accommodate large volumes of inventory and also position themselves for efficient product delivery. Whether looking for warehouse space or distribution centers, industrial real estate is a hot commodity that investors are scrambling to own or rent.
“Industrial tended not to attract as much notice before because, in fairness, it’s a lot easier to talk about a very attractive glass office building than to talk about an industrial warehouse,” explained Georgie Ratiu, managing director of housing and commercial research at the National Association of Realtors.
But the landscape has changed. The expansion of the Panama Canal has strengthened the appeal of East Coast ports as distribution centers for Asian markets, driving competition with Long Beach, Calif. Meanwhile, the “Amazon effect” has increased the value of industrial properties in urban centers, as they can provide shortened delivery times that customers have come to expect. And despite the high volume of need for industrial space, many companies are unwilling to tie up their financial assets in real estate

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