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5 Cute Animals To End The Week: Buster Gets A Festive Job And Cat Ruins Everything

By Natasha Hinde

This week we’ve been mesmerised by Knickers the cow who is, excuse the pun, an absolute beefcake.

At 194cm tall and 1.4 tonnes, the Australian steer has been spared a trip to the abattoir because he’s simply too big. Instead, he’ll live out his days in a cattle paddock in Western Australian, where he is a “coach” to the others, showing them where to roam and graze. Ledge.

Since the Arnold Schwarzenegger of the cow world shot to fame, there’s been much debate over whether he’s actually that big or, as the Washington Post puts it, if he’s simply standing in a field with a load of Danny DeVitos.

“The big cow is a lie,” the publication declared. But
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