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How Can Fashion and Footwear Brands Fight the Gender Wage Gap?

It’s often said that a woman earns about 80 cents to a man’s dollar — but that number might actually be startlingly less.
According to a study released Wednesday by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, women today earn just 49 cents to the typical men’s dollar. The figures, which are based on data from 2000 to 2015, reveal that female workers make less than half of men’s earnings for a pay gap of 51 percent. (Data from the Census Bureau, which was used in the study, showed that the earnings gap was 20 percent for full-time workers in 2017.)
“Much ink has been spilled debating whether the commonly cited measure of the wage gap — that women earn 80 cents for every dollar earned by a man — is an exaggeration… but our analysis finds that we have actually been underestimating the extent of pay inequality in the labor market,” IWPR president and report co-author Heidi Hartmann said in a statement.
Even more, the report noted that progress has lagged in those 15 years leading up to 2015, compared to the preceding 30 years. And like many other industries, fashion — which is traditionally considered to be predominantly female — also battles with a

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