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Meghan: saviour of the royal family – or the ghost of Wallis Simpson?

By Hadley Freeman

The Duchess of Sussex is already being portrayed as an American upstart out to destroy the monarchy

What’s going on with the royal family these days? Joe, London

Loads! To mark Prince Charles’ 70th birthday, the country gave him some increasingly pathetic PR. I particularly enjoyed the forelock-tugging photos that were released to prove how down to earth he is, which showed that he smiles when a servant gives him his tea in one of the 10m houses that he owns for no reason anyone can explain. My favourite part of this kind of Charles puffery is when someone claims that the man who has famously never worked, really does work terribly, terribly hard. This time that responsibility fell to Prince Harry, who described his father as “a workaholic”, to which you really can only respond, “Wow, imagine spending your life in such serious withdrawal! Poor chap!”

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/nov/28/meghan-saviour-of-the-royal-family-or-the-ghost-of-wallis-simpson