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Influence Peddler: Anine Bing on Building a Brand for the Modern Woman

When Anine Bing joined Instagram, she had no idea how big of a business it could be.
In less than a decade, the fashion influencer-turned-designer has amassed more than 600,000 Instagram followers and launched an eponymous clothing line. On Thursday, she will open her ninth store, in London, and in 2019 her company is expected to double its revenue.
Born in Denmark, Bing launched her blog while living in Sweden. She moved to Los Angeles shortly after Instagram launched, joined the social media platform and began to build a following by sharing her outfits. Once she had racked up about 4,000 followers, she knew she could turn her following into a business.
“Whatever I was wearing, people came to me for inspiration and wanted to know where I got it,” said Bing. “I saw early on that there was some kind of business in it. I had no idea how big that would be, but I saw early on that it had an impact.”

Anine Bing in her Los Angeles store.
Max Knight/WWD

In 2012, she launched her now popular digital-first clothing line with about 10 to 15 products to start. The offerings spanned leather jackets, jeans, dresses and T-shirts, aka the “basic essentials that all

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