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Diane von Furstenberg Designs Claridge’s Christmas Tree

WINTER WONDERLAND: Diane von Furstenberg has lit up Claridge’s hotel with her “Tree of Love” design for the holidays. The designer’s 6-meter, or nearly 17-foot, Christmas tree, unveiled during a Champagne breakfast on Tuesday, has transformed the hotel’s lobby into a midnight blue wonderland.
“I wanted to do a tree of love because trees are such an important and powerful symbol,” von Furstenberg said of her design, which takes the form of a forest tree instead of the typical Christmas fir tree.
To give it that festive look, von Furstenberg has covered the branches with 8,000 hand-painted silver leaves and hung 150 hand-blown glass heart baubles. To complete the wonderland theme, silver animal sculptures, from deer and owls to doves, were added to the base and on the branches.

“I wanted to show the beauty of the tree, it gets its strength from the roots, the branches go up to the sky, the flowers become fruits, it’s a home for birds, it provides shade for children, gives shelter to lovers and lastly, it’s a symbol of life and light,” the designer added.
December also marks the designer’s birthday, which is why she has chosen a zodiac theme as the tree’s backdrop. A zodiac print with the 12-star signs cover the walls of

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