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Cindy Crawford, LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger Debut Wellness Brand

Ever the enterprising supermodel, Cindy Crawford is climbing to new heights with Ladder, a health and wellness lifestyle brand that launches today. By her side are some unlikely founding partners: LeBron James, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lindsey Vonn.
“It was kind of an interesting group of people in that sometimes it’s a little less obvious,” said Crawford, explaining that James and his personal trainer had been developing a nutritional supplement at the same time as Schwarzenegger. The NBA legend and the former bodybuilder and California governor decided to join forces but they didn’t want to be speaking to just muscle men or elite athletes.

Ladder’s nutrition supplements are direct-to-consumer.
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So Crawford and Vonn came on board to round out the team. “I’ve been involved in fitness since my early twenties. In a lot of ways, the fitness is easier to figure out than the nutrition,” said Crawford, who had an exercise tape in 1992. While most people know what forms of exercise they like, navigating walls of product at a health food store isn’t so easy. Nor is much of it marketed to women, a white space where Elle Macpherson saw an opportunity for her WelleCo line of ingestible beauty products. They also

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