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Can a Rom-com Tell the Story of a Cultural Movement?

On Monday night, Jennifer Lopez, who stars in the new film “Second Act,” attended an advance, special screening of the movie at the Metrograph theater in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Lopez, along with her longtime collaborator, producer Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas, Arianna Huffington and Stacy L. Smith, got together at the end of the movie for a panel in which they discussed diversity in film, their personal experiences with one another and what motivates them.
In order to appeal to audiences today, moviemakers must attach some kind of movement or greater meaning to the films they hope will do well financially at the box office. At face value, “Second Act” — a movie about Lopez fibbing her way into a corporate job after being passed over for lacking college credentials at a previous gig — is a rom-com with a marquee star. It’s not supposed to contain intellectual pursuits, nor be a source of greater commentary upon our cultural landscape. But in Goldsmith-Thomas’ eyes, it does and is.
“Jennifer and I went together to the studios and pitched this movie, and told them how important of a message this would be,” she said during the panel. “There’s still a glass ceiling,

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