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Petite ‘n Pretty: The Makeup Brand Winning Over Gen Z Influencers

As the influencer craze rages on, one brand is focusing on a socially savvy influencer base that isn’t overly saturated — yet.
Petite ‘n Pretty is a cosmetics company for kids ages four to 18. The brand, founded by former Stila Cosmetics chief product development officer Samantha Cutler, has racked up more than 30,000 followers since its July launch by appealing to what Cutler identified as a “community of mini MUAs [makeup artists]” — and their parents — on Instagram.
“There’s this whole community of mini MUAs on Instagram and we send a lot of them product,” said Cutler. “There’s some really talented artists that are, like, 12 and they do all their own editing, all their own filming and they live in Alabama, Kentucky, the most rural, random places. They do these really elaborate Anastasia-style looks, but I think they only do it for Instagram. They don’t wear it out in public. Our brand can work both ways. We’re an artist-quality product, with sheer washes of color that are buildable, so whether you’re going to school and you want to just put on a little gloss or some eye shadow or you really want to build it, we’re very versatile.”

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