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International Art Collective Ballon Rouge Mounts First New York Exhibit

There’s strength in numbers.
Such is the case for Ballon Rouge, an international female-led gallery collective helmed by curators in a mix of cities: Istanbul, Brussels, London, Sao Paulo, Paris and New York. The concept was founded by Helene Dumenil in 2017, and is now making its way to East Harlem for its first New York show.
New York curator Kathy Battista, who is also the director of the MA program in contemporary art at Sotheby’s, selected Los Angeles-based artist Carmen Argote, who in November took up residency in the raw ground-floor space of a walkup building on East 104th Street. Her show, “Warm is a Black,” opens Nov. 27 and will feature new works made in conversation with the neighborhood and building.
The artist worked with an unusual material for the works: avocado. She’d recently begun her exploration with avocado in Bogota, Colombia, and wanted to push her practice farther.
“Trying to process natural materials in different ways, trying to consume materials that are for export. For example, in Colombia, the avocado is grown for export to the U.S., and I was like, is there a way to kind of process it differently? It began as a way for me to understand the landscape

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