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Here's What People Are Saying About The Brexit Deal Ranked From 'Great' To 'Set It On Fire'

By Chris York

But Blair’s comments were vetoed by at least one cat. Take from that what you will.

Tony Blair pops up to explain how to solve Brexit and my cat figures out how to switch off the telly from the sound bar. I have a no-platforming cat. pic.twitter.com/gbaYuZYKId

— Nicholas Guyatt (@NicholasGuyatt) November 25, 2018


Labour MP Lisa Nandy (Wigan) told Sky News’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday that the Political Declaration “offers no guide as to what the future holds for the UK”, adding: “There’s been no attempt to reach out to Labour MPs like me… It’s just too big a gamble for MPs like me to take with our constituents’ futures.”

Asked if it’s a deal she will support, she said: “Well I’d hoped that it would be, but in all honesty no it’s not and it’s inconceivable now that when this comes before Parliament in just a few days time that I’ll be voting for it. I won’t be voting to support the Withdrawal Agreement.”

This is particularly worrying for the Tories who had hoped Labour MPs possibly including Nandy would help them get the deal through the Commons.

Lisa Nandy MP tells @SophyRidgeSky it’s “inconceivable” that she will vote for the PM’s #Brexit deal – saying it’s “too big a gamble to take” with the futures of her constituents #Ridge

🔴 Get live updates from the EU summit: https://t.co/7H6rGWyTEfpic.twitter.com/29IhYzWWfi

— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) November 25, 2018


DUP leader Arlene Foster said there were no circumstances under which her party would vote for the current deal.

Asked if she would support the Prime Minister if a parliamentary defeat triggered a confidence vote in the Government, Foster said: “We will have to see what happens at that time. I think this last couple of weeks should tell all of us that you shouldn’t jump ahead of ourselves.

“What we should do is wait to see what develops in that respect.”

The DUP leader insisted it was not a choice between May’s deal or no deal.

“I believe we should use the time now to look for a third way, a different way, a better way.”

She added: “We shouldn’t just accept an outcome for the sake of it – we should try to get a deal that is good for everybody.”

Which can also be summed up as:

Arlene Foster has delivered her verdict on the Brexit deal #andrewmarrpic.twitter.com/0kNDkq5o3G

— Jim Pickard (@PickardJE) November 25, 2018


Asked if no deal was inevitable if MPs voted down the deal, Jeremy Hunt told Andrew Marr: “It’s not inevitable, but the way the law is, is that legally we will leave the EU on 29th March and there would need to be another Act of Parliament or amendment to an Act of Parliament to change that.”

He said: “If there was gridlock in Parliament there would be a huge degree of uncertainty and what the British people want is they want us to get on and deliver Brexit.”

Asked if the Commons could prevent a no deal, he said: “Well there are circumstances, probably in order to do that if it was a Conservative Government, the House of Commons would have to bring down a Conservative Government.”

Asked if the Government could collapse, he replied: “It’s not possible to rule out anything.”

He said: “It’s all about the balance of risks because this isn’t a perfect deal for everyone but it does have a lot of what everyone wants and the question is whether we can use it to get everything we want and that would be difficult but it’s not impossible.”


Meanwhile on the streets of Brussels….

A protesters is using a blowtorch to set fire to the Brexit divorce deal, while another uses a giant hammer to destroy a massive cardboard version pic.twitter.com/emNBsKE9qj

— Aubrey Allegretti (@breeallegretti) November 25, 2018

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/brexit-deal-reaction_uk_5bfaa0a8e4b03b230fa2719a