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Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Which One Wins for Retailers?

It seems simple for shoppers: Find the deals, and then decide whether to join the frenzied lines before dawn or “add to cart” from the comfort of one’s couch.
For retailers, their performance on Black Friday and Cyber Monday — two of the biggest shopping days of the year — can not only impact their bottom lines, but also signal what’s to come for the industry.
So it’s no surprise companies are calling for all hands on deck both online and in stores — particularly as the average consumer spends nearly $2,000 during the holiday season, according to market intelligence company Cardlytics.
“It’s important for retailers to participate in both Black Friday and Cyber Monday on multiple retail channels to cater to all kinds of consumers,” chief marketing officer Dani Cushion told FN.
In the recent report, the firm noted that today’s shoppers tend to spread out their shopping across the season, with 30 percent of all holiday spending in 2017 occurring in the four weeks leading up to Black Friday (and ramping up again right before Christmas).
However, Black Friday and Cyber Monday continue to drive record sales for a number of retailers. While online-only businesses experienced a drop in Black Friday sales year

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