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What Is Elf On The Shelf? The Ultimate Guide For Newbies This Christmas

By Amy Packham

As we gear up to December, there are a few things that’ll remind you the festive season is already in full swing: mince pies everywhere (in fact, I’m eating one as I write), Christmas adverts on loop, and – if you’re a parent –

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So Why Does Everyone Go Crazy Over It?

It sounds quite simple so far, right? However since the tradition gained huge momentum in America, parents have been thinking up ever more creative and different poses for their elf and where they are positioned each morning.

Now, parents in Britain have caught on and use Instagram and Pinterest to share fun and interesting scenarios to leave their elves.

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“We wanted to help create memorable family moments,” said Bell. “We hoped to share something fun that families could do together. Being a mum, the biggest joy of the Christmas season is seeing it through your children’s eyes. The look on their faces in the morning when they find their beloved Scout Elf is a memory that will last a lifetime.”

What Else Should I Know?

Since British parents have caught on to the craze, some parents have invented funny hacks that’ll bide them time if they forget to move the elf (or just can’t be bothered). This mum’s retirement hack was a winner, as well as these excuses for why your child’s elf hasn’t moved. And not forgetting the mum who broke her elf’s leg so he didn’t have to move for two weeks…

Want ideas for your elf this year? Head to our Elf on the Shelf hub here.

We’d love to see your creations! If you’re doing Elf on the Shelf this year, send us photos to [email protected]

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