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It Might Soon Be Time for Leila George to Quit Her Waitressing Job

On paper, Leila George should’ve been the leading starlet of a soapy teen drama years ago. She’s Hollywood offspring (daughter of actors Vincent D’Onofrio and Greta Scacchi), she’s gossip mag fodder (see this summer’s Daily Mail photos from her beach vacay with Sean Penn) and, when she strolls up at the Roxy Hotel in downtown New York in an ab-baring crop top and flared white jeans, clearly possesses a natural self-confidence that makes you instantly want to know her story.
But the life of a scion hasn’t interested George, who, at 26, only recently gave into a longtime interest in acting and decided to pursue it slowly, on her own terms, and while supporting herself as a waitress out in Los Angeles.
Despite an upbringing from two industry figures, George is far from a Hollywood princess, and she still maintains the rather adorable innocence of an up-and-comer, before all the media training seeps in.
When asked the reason for her trip to New York, she’s immediately humble. “I’m here to promote my movie ‘Mortal Engines.’ Not my movie,” she says, momentarily embarrassed. ”That was super obnoxious.”
She’s just completed her first Comic Con for the film, and the experience gave her her first taste

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