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Why Consumers Feel Let Down By Their Online Shopping Experience

Whether they opt to spend most of their cash during Black Friday or Cyber Monday, holiday shopping data widely shows many of U.S. consumers’ holiday purchases on either day will be made on the internet.
In fact, the frequency at which consumers are online shopping is rapidly increasing. In a new e-commerce study done by global technology company Pitney Bowes, which polled more than 13,000 buyers and 650-plus retailers, 94 percent are shopping online, with 35 percent making at least one online purchase per week (the number drops down to 30 percent for the U.S. demographic, though it’s up from 19 percent compared with last year).
Unfortunately, this record volume of orders has put a strain on retailers, resulting in late arrivals, expensive shipping, tracking inaccuracies, confusing return policies and lost or incorrect order fulfillments — all of which contribute to consumer dissatisfaction.
“Individual consumers are spending more time shopping online and waiting on products, creating a greater probability for a bad experience,” Lila Snyder, president of commerce services at Pitney Bowes, said in a statement. “As volumes rise, retailers are struggling to keep up with the demand in terms of physical infrastructure and the technology to manage it effectively.”
After a frustrating holiday shopping

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