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Sunday Shows Round-Up: Letters, Plotters And Andrew Marr Losing His Cool

By Rachel Wearmouth

It has been a tough week for Prime Minister Theresa May

To say it has been an extraordinary seven days in the world of politics would be an understatement.

Prime Minister Theresa May finally published her draft Brexit deal on Tuesday and provoked the wrath of backbench Eurosceptics, with Jacob Rees-Mogg calling on fellow MPs to join him in a bid to topple her.

Labour, meanwhile, continues to face demands to back a second referendum after Jeremy Corbyn said it could not stop Brexit.

Here is your round-up of the Sunday politics shows.

Ridge On Sunday

“Of course it’s been a tough week” – : : https://t.co/pRmDM7rpQwpic.twitter.com/B8ZTrVWdFo

— BBC Politics (@BBCPolitics) November 18, 2018

Shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti also gave an interview to Marr.

She was asked if Brexit can be stopped, to which she replied that May’s deal was “unacceptable” but Parliament was “long away” from the numbers to stop Brexit.

Chakrabarti and Marr also clashed at one point when the presenter accused the Labour politician of an attempt to patronise him.

Marr pushed on the point that Labour’s manifesto states it respects the result of the Brexit referendum rather than primarily pushing for a second vote.

Chakrabarti held her ground, insisting as a democrat her stance was a reflection of the original referendum.

Here is their extraordinary exchange.

MARR: “I don’t understand why you want to leave the EU.”

Chakrabarti: “I don’t want to leave the EU, I campaigned to Remain. I’m a democrat.”

MARR: “But you’re going to go through a General Election campaign as a member of a party whose manifesto says ‘we are leaving the EU’.”

Chakrabarti: “I’m a democrat, I don’t know about you Andrew, but I’m a democrat.”

MARR: “Don’t try and patronise me, I’m as much a democrat as you are.”

Chakrabarti: “I certainly wouldn’t try to patronise you and I’m sure you would never try to patronise me.”

Pienaar’s Politics

Sir Graham Brady

The main guest on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Pienaar’s Politics was Sir Graham Brady himself.

The chairman of the 1922 committee said that not even his wife knows how many letters he has received from other Conservative MPs.

He told Jon Pienaar: “Victoria does not know, nor do the two vice chairman of the 1922 Committee or the other officers.”

The senior backbencher also revealed he was not totally happy with Mrs May’s withdrawal agreement.

Asked about the deal’s lack of a unilateral exit route from the backstop, Sir Graham said: “I’m not happy about it.

“We’ve got the draft withdrawal agreement, there might be some tweaks to that and I hope there will be.”

He said that it was “very likely” May would win a no confidence vote if one was triggered.

Speaking on the North West edition of the BBC’s Sunday Politics programme, he said: “It would be a simple majority, it would be very likely that the Prime Minister would win such a vote and if she did then there would be a 12-month period where this could not happen again, which would be a huge relief for me because people would have to stop asking me questions about numbers of letters for at least 12 months.”

He said both he and the Prime Minister could technically put in letters calling for a confidence vote but that he would be “very surprised” to receive a letter from himself.

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