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Suffering From 'Social Jet Lag'? Could Be Time To Change Your Bedtime Routine

By Natasha Hinde

The key to a good night’s sleep, according to Artis, is not overthinking it or becoming anxious at bedtime. Worrying about your sleep pattern is not conducive to a good night’s kip.

“You want to be in a calm, relaxed state before bed,” she said. Switching off your gadgets, reading a good book, practising mindfulness and listening to soothing music are all advised.

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“I think it’s important people make that time to wind down,” she added.

Also be aware of the environment you’re sleeping in: a good-sized comfortable bed and a cool room that’s properly dark is the ultimate sleep haven.

As for the study? Researchers believe their findings could prompt an improvement in school schedules and work schedules, so they can be matched to people’s circadian rhythms, “helping to optimise performance in an increasingly ‘round-the-clock’ work culture”.

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