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Guggenheim International Gala Honors Alice Walton and Dimitris Daskalopoulos

It’s crucial to set the scene for Thursday night’s Guggenheim International Gala: A few inches of wet snow blanketed New York starting in the afternoon, leading to massive transportation delays all around town. Which is all to say, guests got there when they got there, and didn’t let it dampen the evening festivities.
“I just arrived from Shanghai, but it took me more time to come from 57th to 89th,” Dior president Pietro Beccari told the crowd during his dinner speech.
While the GIG pre-party the night before catered to the younger set, the Guggenheim International Gala is, as Beccari put it, for “the more traditional crowd.” The evening honored philanthropists Alice Walton and Dimitris Daskalopoulos, and before dinner, Walton shared her first Guggenheim memory with the crowd from the museum’s basement theater.
“Our family home was built by a young architect at the time named E. Fay Jones, who happened to be a student of Frank Lloyd Wright,” said the Arkansas native. “And Fay was a good friend of our family’s so I heard about Frank Lloyd Wright all during my childhood. We finally made my first trip to New York when I was about eight or 10, and one of the first things we

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