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'Clogs are feminist shoes': the rise of footwear's ugly sister

By Morwenna Ferrier

A determined ‘clogerati’ of celebs and writers have made the clog the fashion lover’s shoe of choice

Ugly fashion is big business. But nowhere more so than on our feet, it seems, with the news that clogs – the bulbous footwear more commonly linked to farmers and folklore – have become the discerning fashion lover’s shoe of choice.

Following on the from the unlikely success of Birkenstock shoes, Crocs and the “ugly trainer” which went as far as co-opting the “ugly” moniker in order to sell shoes, the trend occupies both ends of the ugly spectrum. The good news is the majority of these clogs are not as ugly as they sound.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2018/nov/16/clogs-feminist-shoes-footwear-ugly-fashion