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The Relatable Reason Why Michelle Obama Hugged the Queen Will Surprise You

Touching the British royal family is a major no-no. But when Michelle Obama met with Queen Elizabeth II in 2009, she gave the monarch a hug.
In her new book, “Becoming,” Obama revealed that the contact came during a conversation about the pain both women’s high heels were causing them.
Sporting a pair of Jimmy Choo high heels, the former first lady told the queen that her shoes added a few inches of height, prompting Queen Elizabeth II to gesture at her own heels and say, “These shoes are unpleasant, are they not?”
In response, Obama “confessed” that her own feet were also bothering her, joking that they were “just two tired ladies oppressed by our shoes.”

Michelle Obama (L) and Queen Elizabeth II

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“I then did what’s instinctive to me any time I feel connected to a new person, which is to express my feelings outwardly. I laid a hand affectionately across her shoulder,” she wrote. “If I hadn’t done the proper thing at Buckingham Palace, I had at least done the human thing.”
The 54-year-old also chronicles the process by which she became a fashion icon.
Throughout the campaign, Obama worked with Meredith Koop to put together her looks, with Koop later coming onboard as

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