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Pete Nordstrom Calls Something Navy ‘Most Successful’ Launch

Pete Nordstrom is “proud” to be working with Arielle Charnas of Something Navy.
The Nordstrom copresident sang Charnas’ praises in an Instagram Live video on Thursday, calling hers the “most successful launches for any brand” at the retailer.
“The good news is our relationship, our collaborations have been so successful that literally we’re testing the limits and the boundaries of anything we’ve ever done online,” Nordstrom said in a joint Instagram Live with Charnas on Thursday. “Our two most successful launches for any brand have been with Something Navy. So as much as we feel like we’ve tested and we’re ready, the demand pretty much exceeds that every time we do one of these things. It’s a high-quality problem to have, but unfortunately, there’s been collateral damage and that comes at the expense of real people and customers. We feel terrible about it, but the good news is we’re having great success together. We’re really proud to be working with Something Navy.”
Charnas first launched Something Navy x Treasure & Bond at Nordstrom in September 2017. The collection drove more than $1 million in less than 24 hours. The super influencer has sustained a demand for product. In September 2018, she released another

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