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Lana Marks: The Makings of a Fashion-Focused Ambassador Nominee

“Lana who?”
That was the reaction among many Washington insiders, pundits and voters who questioned and in some cases challenged President Trump’s nominee for U.S. ambassador to South Africa — Lana Marks.
The designer and CFDA member is known among the fashion crowd for her exotic-skin handbags and friendship with the late Princess Diana.
Reached in Palm Beach Thursday, Marks said, “I am deeply honored,” declining to comment further about the situation or future plans regarding her independently owned company.
The South African-born designer is believed to have met the President about 23 years ago in some sort of social setting in Palm Beach where she is based. Marks has known Trump and his family for years, although they are not known to socialize together. Her familiarity with South Africa, her professional style, her international relationships, media skills and women’s empowerment leanings were upsides with the President, according to one insider familiar with the situation, who requested anonymity.
The well-dressed, globe-trotting professional runs with an international crowd and specializes in exotic-skin handbags that retail from $2,655 to nearly $20,000. The idea for her company sprang from her fruitless search for a red alligator handbag to match the suit she planned to wear to a birthday

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