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A$AP Rocky Credits This Designer for a Sneaker, but Osiris Co-Founder Sets the Record Straight

A$AP Rocky credited former pro skater Dave Mayhew for creating the retro Osiris shoe that inspired his new sneaker with Under Armour. And designer Brian Reid isn’t happy about it.
In an interview with FN, Reid said it was he and pro skater Tony Magnusson, and not Mayhew, who designed the Osiris D3 2001 silhouette, which informed the design of A$AP Rocky’s Under Armour SRLo sneaker. (Reid and Magnusson are also two of the founders of Osiris.)
“This is a shoe that Osiris never stopped selling that I designed. Can you imagine if they did this at Nike to Tinker Hatfield?” Reid said.

Osiris D3 2001

CREDIT: Zappos

According to Reid, the D3 2001 was designed while he and Magnusson were in Pusan, Korea. Reid said he led the design and was mainly responsible for its upper, and Magnusson was behind the outsole.
Reid said Mayhew wasn’t even in Korea as the shoe was being created.
“What makes me laugh and cry at the same time is when I see articles from social media, trade and other famous publications with the reach of millions, talking about how Dave is a brilliant legendary shoe designer,” Reid said. “It outright disgusts me because Dave was not there — no involvement, no emails, no

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