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StockX’s CEO Explains Why the Resale Market Will Never Die

Last night, luxury resale site StockX gave New York City hosted a panel to unite different sectors of the fashion, sales and athletic worlds for a discussion about style and the state of the industry.
It was moderated by Taylor Rooks from Bleacher Report and it featured four major panelists: Nigel Sylvester, a Jordan-brand pro BMX athlete; Rox Brown, a member of the VFiles team; Racks Hogan, a professional reseller; and Dao-Yi Chow, co-founder of brand Public School.

Nigel Sylvester at Tiffany and Co’s ‘Save the Wild’ Dinner in New York, Sep. 8.

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The conversation centered around style and the power of clothes.
“Fashion is more so conformity where everyone is following a trend and you know how it goes. Everyone looks alike, it becomes a uniform,” Brown said. “Style is just being who you are and letting that show through. Your clothes are like your armor.

Rox Brown at Dolce & Gabbana’s #DGMercerSt Sessions in New York, July 26.

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Hogan added to that thought, saying: “Style is a better interpretation of who you are without having to speak. You can buy sauce but the sauce can’t be taught.”
FN had a chance to talk with Josh Luber, StockX co-founder and CEO, who also gave a keynote

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