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How to Shop for Shoes If You Have Bunions, According to a Podiatrist

Feet hurting? You might want to turn to your parents or grandparents for an answer.
According to the Mayo Clinic, bunions can develop as a result of an inherited structural defect, stress on your foot or a medical condition, such as arthritis. Smaller bunions (bunionettes) can develop on the joint of your little toe.
A bunion, notes the Mayo Clinic, is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of the big toe. It forms when your big toe pushes against your next toe, forcing the joint of your big toe to get bigger and stick out. The skin over the bunion might be red and sore.
Dr. Karen Langone, a podiatrist based in Southampton, N.Y., has some suggestions for those suffering from bunions, particularly when it comes to footwear choices. “We can hasten their development with improper shoe choices,” she said, advising patients visit a shoe store where they can be serviced by experienced shoe fitters that can address their special needs.
According to Dr. Langone, women are more likely to suffer from bunions than men. “You tend to hear more about it with women because their shoe wear is more restrictive,” she said. “For men, it’s easier to find a comfortable

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