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Yves Saint Laurent Documentary Traces Last Years of Designer’s Career

PARIS — He’s always by the fashion designer’s side, often preceding him as he enters the room, and doesn’t seem to age as years go by.
Moujik, Yves Saint Laurent’s black-and-white French bulldog, seems to be the only character that resists the passing of time in “Celebration,” a documentary by Olivier Meyrou on the couturier’s last years at his fashion house, out on Nov. 14 in France.
“As the legend goes — I don’t know if it’s true — in order not to affect Yves Saint Laurent, every time the dog died it was replaced on the very night and kept the same name,” said Meyrou in a statement. “Moujik was eternal.”
Though shot between 1998 and 2001, the documentary is only now seeing the light of day.
The depiction of an aging, ailing Saint Laurent moments before his departure from the fashion house in 2002 is said to have incensed Pierre Bergé, Saint Laurent’s life and business partner, who blocked the release of the film.
“Whereas we had total freedom during the filming between 1998 and 2001, I realized once the film was over that Pierre Bergé and I didn’t have the same idea of what a documentary is,” explained Meyrou.
“Celebration” dives into the

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