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Clinique Bets Big on Personalized Moisturization

Clinique is turning to customization for its latest launch, which is slated to be the brand’s biggest since Even Better Clinical.
Over the past two years, Clinique has focused on growing its moisturizers category and already, it has seen success. The 50-year-old brand is growing at a rate of 15 percent in moisturizers, according to global brand president Jane Lauder, with a large portion of its sales coming from the Dramatically Different moisturizer collection. According to Lauder, Clinique sells moisturizers at a rate of one every three seconds — which translates to 24 million units a year.
“We’re a brand that drives units,” said Lauder. “You want the most amount of people coming to our brand. If we’re selling a moisturizer every three seconds, we better do a good job of keeping that going. Let’s see if we can do it every two seconds.”
It makes sense, then, that Clinique’s latest launch seeks to revolutionize its Dramatically Different moisturizers. According to senior vice president of global marketing Julien Moignard, Clinique conducted a quantitative study in the U.S. and found that 68 percent of women still hadn’t found the right moisturizer.
“For most women, it can take up to two years, trying up to five different products

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