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The Accessories Council Hosts the India Factory Expo and Sourcing Fair

The Accessories Council is hosting an India Factory Expo and Sourcing Fair in tandem with The Council For Leather Exports, an India based trade group funded by the Indian government. The fair means to introduce 52 Indian leather factories to a mix of American based designers and buyers.
The two councils have been working together the past four years, experimenting with a variety of events, including bringing buyers to India and having factory representatives in New York, but this iteration is their largest event to date.
“The fair creates an efficient forum for companies to take a walk and see if there are good sourcing people that meet their needs.” said Karen Giberson, president of the Accessories Council. “There are people who are suitable for a startup company that can make low minimums and are very flexible, and then there are other factories that are super well-oiled machines that can do very big volumes, including luxury goods.”
While the types of products the factories can make — footwear, apparel, luggage, bags, small leather goods — are primarily leather focused, they can also produce pieces with mixed material options.
The event has been in the planning stages for some time but it comes on the

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