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Rosamund Pike, Marie Colvin and the Stakes of Truthful Reporting

Rosamund Pike walks into one of the suites at the Whitby Hotel — where she’s staying while in New York briefly, on the heels of a one-day trip to Washington, D.C. — introduces herself to everyone gathered in the room, and then starts flipping through the bin of LPs stationed next to a record player. Sam Cooke’s greatest hits are currently on deck, but nearby are Beatles and Petula Clark records, among others. The actress notes that the selection here is better than that in her room. Later, on her way out, she’ll take a few of them with her to listen to.
In person, Pike is just as striking as one would expect. The 39-year-old British actress is friendly and polite, if a touch reserved, but deep in her craft. For her latest project, she entered the world of the celebrated late London Sunday Times war reporter Marie Colvin, who was killed in Syria while reporting on the 2012 siege in Homs.
On a surface level, Pike’s likeness to the character is uncanny. She may be wearing Alaïa now, but on screen — with frizzled hair pulled back, decked in khakis and a vest and sporting an eye patch — her

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