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How To Give a Speech Like a Parisian

PARIS – Caroline de Maigret has the ultimate “Parisienne” hack for overcoming fear of public speaking. “A glass of red wine always does the trick,” said the model, who confided that her intense stage fright stopped her from pursuing a career in music.
The co-author of “How To Be a Parisienne Wherever You Are” was one of the guests at an intimate cocktail celebrating the third edition of the Vogue Fashion Festival, held at the Hôtel Potocki on Nov. 9.
De Maigret, who is currently writing a book set to be published in October 2019, is often asked to give talks abroad in her role as a Chanel ambassador, an exercise she can find quite straining. “I think up until the first question I’m asked, my brain is just empty. I have a complete freak-out — it’s like I have no memory left,” she said.
Influencer Jeanne Damas sympathized. “I get completely stunned when I’m asked to speak on stage,” said Damas, who joined de Maigret in a Vogue Fashion Festival talk last year with designer Simon Porte Jacquemus.
“I think the key thing is to look into people’s eyes and see that they are well-intentioned,” said the model and founder of direct-to-consumer fashion

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