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8 Big Mugs Under £10 For People Who Love Big Drinks

By Amy Packham

It’s winter, we’re all cold, and (most of us) need several hot drinks to get us through the day. So we want big mugs – mugs that hold huge servings of coffee, hot chocolate, and tea.

Step aside Sports Direct, we’ve trawled the internet to find the perfect vessel for our massive brews that won’t look embarrassing.

Oh and better yet, they’re all a tenner or less.

Rainfall beauty

It’s so pretty you could probably use it as a decorative ornament in your home, but that wouldn’t be much fun would it? Rather, fill it up with an absolute massive serving of tea and start your day off right.

How big? D10 x H12cm.

MAGDA Oversized Mug, Habitat, £8.

I like big mugs

Can anyone read the slogan on this mug and not break out into the Sir Mix-A-Lot classic? Us neither. Drink your coffee out of this each morning and have your friends/colleagues singing along, too.

How big? D10 x H12cm.

Etsy, £9.50.

Simply mug

There’s nothing fancy about this one – it is what it says on the tin: MUG. Simple and strong design, if you ask us.

How big? H11.8 x W9.5 x D8 cm approx.

Not On The High Street, £9.

Starry night

Fill this up to the brim with coffee and you’ll probably get starry-eyed from the amount of caffeine you’re drinking. Sometimes that’s just what we need though, eh?

How big? D9.8cm x H10.9cm – 500ml capacity.

Couture Sieni Stars, The Mug Co, £9.89.

Pink tint

We love the chic plain design of this beauty – and we can also imagine it’d be wonderfully comforting to hold seeing as it has that smooth, luxurious matte finish. Lovely.

How big? 450ml capacity.

Tint Snug Mug, Woburn China, £6.95.

Monster mad

Bright, bold, and beautiful. Fill this bad boy up with tea and expect to feel motivated by the “you got this” animal on the front. How can you not plough through your to-do list with this sat in front of you?

How big? H12cm x D8cm – 426ml capacity.

Monster Mug of Motivation, Etsy, £10.

Jazzy stripes

This design may drive you slightly wild the more you look at it. Look closely and you’ll see it’s meant to be lots of folded paper overlapping each other. We’re just big fans of the colours.

How big? 500ml capacity.

Origami mug, Collier Campbell, £8.

Soup for starter

Okay, you caught us out. Yep, this is a soup mug but if you really want a massive brew (and a cute little lid to keep it warm if you’ve got to nip away from your desk), then isn’t this ideal? At under a fiver, we thought so too.

How big? H13cm x D13cm.

Knitted soup mug, Asda, £4.

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