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'Great British Bake Off': Briony Williams Explains Decision Not To Mention Disability On The Show

By Daniel Welsh

Briony in the 'Bake Off' tent


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Briony made it down to the last four contestants, falling at the last hurdle during Patisserie week.

While Rahul Mandal, Ruby Bhogal and Kim-Joy Hewlett went on to compete in this year’s final, it was ultimately Rahul who impressed the judges the most, and went on to succeed last year’s winner Sophie Faldo as the ‘Bake Off’ champion.

It wasn’t an easy road to victory for Rahul, though, who had to overcome an exploding jar disaster before being crowned this year’s champion.

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/great-british-bake-off-briony-williams_uk_5be7f3a5e4b0e8438898b301