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How I Did It: The Marketing Visionary Behind Your Favorite Social Media Stars

(In a new series, “How I Did It,” FN profiles successful footwear and fashion players — from entrepreneurs to designers to top executives at major brands — and reveals how they carved their path into the industry.)
“Carpe diem.”
The Latin aphorism, which stands for “seize the day,” has become Kendra Bracken-Ferguson’s life mantra.
From her days as a Golduster cheerleader at Purdue University to her current role as chief digital officer at the largest brand management agency in the world, the 38-year-old visionary has made the most of each and every moment on her journey to become a world-class publicist.
She interned at global marketing agency Fleishman-Hillard, developing social media strategies for big-name clients including DKNY. Then she joined American designer brand Ralph Lauren, where she became the company’s first director of digital media.
And now she’s got not one but two businesses under her belt: social media talent management agencies Digital Brand Architects, founded in 2010, a time when the word “influencer” still had its skeptics, and The BrainTrust, which has welcomed clients such as Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry and Molly Sims since its launch two years ago.
Here, the roads Bracken-Ferguson has traveled to get to her destination.
What was your dream job growing up?

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