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Does the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Hold Up in 2018?

“The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is unlike any other in the world,” an emcee said over the microphone just before the show was about to begin. The brand made their return to New York after two years abroad for its annual runway spectacle — which it declared the “Super Bowl for supermodels” — with two tapings held at Pier 94, which will be televised on ABC on Dec. 2 at 10 p.m. EST.
Leading into the show, many wondered how — or if — the VS show would adapt in a post-#MeToo, post-Kavanaugh, post-midterm election climate. The brand seems content with doubling down on its usual branding of sexiness, which might have struck a chord in years past but was tinged with a dated quality come Thursday.
The show did offer moments of conversation, particularly at the beginning. Prior to the first set of looks, a video montage was shown of various models speaking on the topic of womanhood and girl power. “It’s difficult being a woman, and other women understand that,” one said, while another voiced “It’s fun to be a woman and I think we should own that.”
Categories for this year’s show included: Glam Royale, Golden Angel, Flights of Fancy,

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