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'Baby Stratford': Birth On Train Causes Delays And Passengers Aren't Even Riled Up

By Amy Packham

Leaves on the track, signalling problems and tracks frozen in the cold weather – just three of those annoying tannoy announcements about your train being late that lead to grumpy passengers up and down the country. But here’s one reason for a train delay that won’t rile anyone up – a woman giving birth.

On Thursday evening, Southeastern railway tweeted to let passengers know that trains were being delayed at Stratford International following the birth of a baby on board.

“London bound trains are unable to stop at the station until the ambulance arrives,” the train company tweeted. “Congratulations to mother and child.”

NEW: London bound Trains are being delayed at #StratfordInternational after an ambulance has been called to a train following the birth of a new baby on board. London bound trains are unable to stop at the station until the ambulance arrives. Congratulations to mother & child.

— Southeastern (@Se_Railway) November 8, 2018

Shortly after, someone at Southeastern sent a follow up tweet to a passenger explaining that paramedics had arrived on board the train at Stratford and were taking care of both mum and baby.

And in a break to normal service, where staff manning the social media at train companies are bombarded with unfriendly messages during periods of train delays, passengers actually sent in their well-wishes.

I’m on one of the delayed trains and for once I don’t care. Congratulations!

— bobfrost (@bobfrost) November 8, 2018

Great reason for a delay! Can’t trains pass through on another line though?

— TheDivineMrsF (@TheDivineMrsF1) November 8, 2018

At last a suitable explanation for a delay!

— Chris L (@8_foot_jockey) November 8, 2018

I was on a delayed train. I really couldn’t care less after seeing this. Congratulations

— Creationinprogress (@Createrbox) November 9, 2018

awww its so nice to hear something so nice for a change congrats to mother and child

— paul vanstone (@paul_vanstone) November 8, 2018

Congratulations to mum and the baby. For once this delay is acceptable. But what’s with the regular delays lately?

— Poonam Manning (@PoonamManning) November 9, 2018

Southeastern didn’t release any further information about the birth, although one woman said her son witnessed the birth and it was a baby boy.

My son was on the train and witnessed it all- it’s a boy !!

— sue redding (@redding_sue) November 8, 2018

Others were quick to suggest the train company should totally give the baby free train travel for life (agreed!).

Definitely think @Se_Railway should offer free travel for life to the baby. Is this a first for @Se_Railway?

— Ash (@AshleyVenn) November 8, 2018

Free travel for life I say…

— Darth Daver (@officegrief) November 8, 2018

Does the baby get free travel for life like they do if born on some flights? 🤔

— AW78 (@ADubya78) November 8, 2018

And someone even suggested a *unique* baby name…

Baby Stratford! 😉👏🏼

— sue redding (@redding_sue) November 8, 2018

HuffPost UK has contacted Southeastern railway for further detail on the baby’s birth and will update this piece when they respond.

Congrats to the mum and baby!

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/baby-stratford-woman-gives-birth-on-train_uk_5be55128e4b0e84388964a63