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Digital Download: Are Music Streaming Services Beauty’s Next Platform?

Music streaming platforms are helping beauty find its voice.
As the advertising landscape continues to evolve and beauty brands ramp up their digital efforts, some are finding it easier to cut through an increasingly saturated social-media space via sound.
“We’re in an interesting time period where, beyond distribution, streaming intelligence offers much more insight into what is beauty and what is culture and what is influence,” said Rob Walker, creative director of creative solutions at Spotify. “‘What is the sound of beauty’ is a conversation we’ve been having with beauty brands. As we move into a voice-based, screen-less society, what is that sound for brands and how do you start to lean into that?”
Tamara Bedrosian, vice president of CPG and retail at Pandora, echoed the idea of a shift away from screens toward sound.
“Consumers are not spending hours sitting around the TV or reading a magazine, but music is with them throughout the day,” she said. “We have the ability to deliver that message into the moment where they’re actually shampooing their hair in the shower or they’re putting on their mascara, getting ready to go out for the night. That has led to this interest in audio and consuming and creating content [with beauty brands].”

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