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Bionda Castana Returns With Renewed Vision

LONDON — London-based footwear label Bionda Castana is back — and on its own terms.
After a two-year hiatus, the brand, led by designers Natalia Barbieri and Jennifer Portman, is relaunching with a new direct-to-consumer, digitally focused and no-waste approach.
“Taking the break gave us the foresight to think about how would we be able to approach it in a smarter way and still be able to be creative and meet our customers demands, if we were to get our brand back again,” said Barbieri, adding that due to a lack of “shared vision” with the brand’s past investor, the duo had to step away from the brand and then buy back the trademark.
“We weren’t aligned with our external investment team and therefore there was a process where you have to break up and then start back up again.”
Having taken a step back from the never-ending fashion cycle, Barbieri and Portman looked at rebuilding the brand in a more sustainable manner and offering products targeted to customers’ needs.
The result of their renewed approach is a business model that sees four different shoe styles being offered on their e-commerce platform once a month. Customers can place orders on the first week of every

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