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Sir Paul Smith on Independence and Having a Point of View

For Sir Paul Smith, the secret to success is simple: just have a distinctive point of view.
Over the past four decades, the British fashion designer has created a successful business built on the premise of being “classic with a twist.”
In an entertaining and self-depreciating presentation, Smith showcased his colorful and quirky personality — traits that shine through in his clothes, as well.
One thing he’s perhaps most proud of, he said, is being independent. After being introduced as the chief executive officer of the Paul Smith brand, he said: “I didn’t know I was a ceo, I’ve always just been known as the boss. I have a tiny business in comparison to most of you guys out there. We do sell in over 70 countries, but the delicious thing about Paul Smith is we’re still independent. In the morning when I shave the only guy I have to answer to is the guy in the mirror.”
As a result of this independence, Smith said he can “be very spontaneous. I’m very happy to run a relatively small business.”
The magic behind that business begins in an office in Covent Garden that is jam-packed with so many knickknacks, toys, books and memorabilia that the

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