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Industry Collective Creates Kassl Coat

PARIS — You’ve heard of the duffle, the hooded toggle-buttoned coat named after the town in Flanders, Belgium, where it was created, and made from duffle cloth. But what about the Kassl, a new workwear-inspired jacket with its own provenance-based moniker conceived by a well-connected Amsterdam- and Antwerp-based collective?
Behind the project are Ilse Cornelissens and Tim Van Geloven, cofounders of the conscious-luxe Antwerp-based concept store Graanmarkt13; Christian Salez, former chief executive officer of Delvaux, and Bart Ramakers and Charlotte Schreuder of Parrot, an Amsterdam-based independent fashion agency that has worked on the launches of brands including Vetements and Halpern.
Designing the mono-product collection is Camille Serra, a former designer of the MM6 Maison Margiela line and creative director of Joseph, and handling the visual side are Gijsje Ribbens, a former fashion editor at Vogue Netherlands, and Dutch graphic designer and art director Merel van den Berg. Also part of the team is respected Belgian scenographer Bob Verhelst, who will design all the in-store presentations as well as provide graphics to be used on some of the coats.

The Kassl coat.

Based on a vintage Dutch fisherman’s raincoat that Ramakers spotted on a female friend in New York, the Kassl coat is manufactured by

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