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Fashion Designer Michael Vollbracht’s Artwork to Be Spotlighted in Sale, Show

Michael Vollbracht retreated from the New York fashion scene in the Aughts, but he continued to build his portfolio with paintings, writing, sketches and other artwork.
Drafts for books, plays, photographs, sketches, paintings and mixed-media art are part of the trove of keepsakes his niece Tracy Stanley has been trying to piece together. As the executor of his estate, she has been on a fact-finding mission, when she isn’t working as a nurse and pharmaceutical rep in Kansas City. Adding to the challenge is the fact that she hadn’t seen her uncle, who died in June at the age of 70, in more than 20 years.
“This is just another way for me to understand my uncle better. When I went to Safety Harbor [Fla.], so many people have so many stories. It just really paints a picture of who he was,” she said. “I’ve got letters and plays that he wrote [including one starring him and Liz Taylor]. He started two or three different books. He was just a completely talented individual beyond measure. Even his house was overwhelming. He had painted every wall and every ceiling in this design. He would have major pieces of artwork mixed in with thrift-store

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