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Soundcheck With Jain

Those who come to see French pop singer Jain in concert generally expect to see her in a cobalt jumpsuit, trimmed in red, which she pairs with white sneakers. The outfit is a step beyond any musician’s traditional tour costume; for Jain, it’s a uniform, and one she takes quite seriously.
But in the moments before her soundcheck for her show at Irving Plaza in Manhattan — the last stop of her North American tour promoting her second album “Souldier” — she’s still dressed in her usual clothes: a black jacket and dark jeans. Though 26, Jain has a teenager quality to her, and while she’s known for bright, energetic pop songs, she’s rather reserved and shy in person, politely answering questions but not going any further.
She’s been in New York for a few days, playing earlier in the week in Brooklyn before the Irving Plaza show on Thursday. In her downtime, she’s been “just visiting the city,” which includes “drawing on the walls” and walking to restaurants in neighborhoods she “will not know how to tell you where exactly it was.”
Once she completes soundcheck she’ll begin her pre-performance ritual: stretching, singing a bit and putting on her uniform. “And when I

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