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How I Did It: Two Columbia Business School Classmates Ditched Stocks and Bonds to Start a Boot Brand

(In a new series, “How I Did It,” FN profiles successful footwear and fashion players — from entrepreneurs to designers to top executives at major brands — and reveals how they carved their path into the industry.)
When Nolan Walsh and Connor Wilson met their first day of class at Columbia Business School, it was kismet. Becoming fast friends, they decided to ditch the world of stocks and bonds, and instead step into the shoe business after graduation with the launch in 2014 of Thursday Boot Co.
Despite the fact fashion is a risky business due to ever-changing trends and fickle consumers, the two shared a love of footwear. Frustrated with the limited choices of clunky workboots, delicate fashion boots or cheaply made product that lasted only a few wears, they set out to build a better mousetrap. Heading to Mexico for production, they developed a line of classic boot styles that COO Wilson, 33, describes as durable, sophisticated and comfortable.
The partners launched their direct-to-consumer men’s boot brand on Kickstarter, and it has more than doubled each year since. In 2016, they added women’s footwear, followed by this fall’s launch of traditional shoe silhouettes and a men’s outwear collection. And just last

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